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​Products handled

​ Eiwa Corporation is a general trading company. We wholesale daily necessities, cosmetics, foods, sweets, beverages, etc.

Eiwa's entrepreneurship

Eiwa Co., Ltd. is expanding the domestic market as a Japanese company. A business that sells daily necessities and cosmetics. We are doing our best with a small amount of power, aiming for the goal of a company that can contribute to society. At first, we started handling daily necessities and cosmetics, and with the efforts of everyone in the company, we established a new office in Yokohama. We were able to create a network and develop our business by making the best use of the know-how and network that we have cultivated over the years through the efforts of all the members of the company.
Daily goods sales business

Kao, Lion, Unicharm, P & G, Kose CP, Juju Cosmetics, Mandam, Schwartzkovhenkel, Lucky Trendy, Salad Town, NS Farfa, Estee, Toyo Aluminum, Asahi Kasei HP, Shiramoto, Nippon Paper Crecia, Prince Napier, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical New Product ・ Kobayashi Pharmaceutical New Product This format ・ BCL Company ・ Bene Cosmetics ・ Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical ・ pdc ・ Cozy Honpo New Product ・ Narisup ・ DHC Skin Care Base Makeup ・ DHC Health Food ・ Sana ・ Rohto Pharmaceutical Skin Care Product ・ Kureha ・ Utena ・ Wakodo ・Wakodo Mill Fluffy, Basclean Club New Product, Sunstar, Sunstar GUM, Sunstar Do Clear, Uniriva Business Supplies, Light Color Cosmetics, Rosette, Johnson Spring, Johnson Autumn, Johnson New Product, Clover Corporation Premium Novelty

​Beverage wholesale business
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